Dr. Cathy Eppinger is a Colorado native who graduated from Colorado State University in 1983.  She completed her Certification in Medical Acupuncture (CMA) at CSU in 1998 and has been a clinical preceptor for the ongoing course as it has developed.  Her chiropractic certification was completed in 2000 and her massage therapy certification in 2012.  Her current manual therapy techniques combine techniques from chiropractic, massage, myofascial, trigger point and physical therapy.  In addition to acupuncture and manual therapy, Cathy also practices general small animal medicine, dentistry and soft tissue surgery.

When not practicing veterinary medicine, Cathy loves yoga, hiking, skiing, recreational agility with Mafic, sewing, high altitude gardening and playing her flute.  She has graduated her two amazing children, and celebrated the wonderful addition of a daughter-in-law to the family.  She shares her life with her husband- Bob, two dogs, and three cats.

Meet the Team

Cathy Eppinger, DVM, CMA

Paws on Wheels, Inc.  Cathy Eppinger, DVM 

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Cathy Eppinger, DVM, CMA

Paws On Wheels, Inc.

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Prana is a rescue feral kitten.  She is very beautiful, and she knows it. She is extremely soft.  She is much too feisty and much too good  a hunter to be named Prana.  Her nickname is Kitten Little.
Baby Kitty- Her real name is Cleopatra, but we’ve never used that name.  The only problem is that there are now two new kitties who are younger than her- but she doesn’t need to know that.  She sleeps on Cathy’s hip. 
Mafic is our ½ lab, ¼ border collie, ¼ shepherd wonder dog.  He loves his humans- and especially hiking and doing agility work with them.  He keeps our feet warm at night (yes- he does sleep at the base of the bed).  
Mia is our newest canine adoption- a beautiful, loving, klutzy Great Dane.  She is only a year and a half old and has not grown into her feet. At  115 pounds, we hope she doesn’t.  She does not sleep on the bed- there would be no room for us.

Mini Mia is our newest kitty- she came a week after Mia, has matching black and white markings and, at 5 weeks of age, was ¼ the size of Mia’s head.  They loved each other right away.  Mini also plays well with Prana and it is difficult to know which foot goes with which head as they roll around together, both being black and white.  Her nickname is Kitten Kitten.