Manual therapy is a big basket of techniques and tools which also have effects on the neurovascular and musculoskeletal systems in our bodies. They include massage, myofascial, trigger point, chiropractic, craniosacral and physical therapy as well as others. When used in conjunction with acupuncture, many of these techniques can increase success. There is a great potential for harm if these techniques are done incorrectly or for the wrong reasons. Proper diagnosis is critical, as is having a practitioner who is properly trained in both the techniques and in the unique anatomy of cats and dogs. Our pets are not humans on four legs! The biomechanics in a quadraped (four-legged animal) and a biped (two-legged animal- ie- humans), are very different. Even the difference between a one toed quadraped (a horse) and a 4 or 5 toed quadraped (dogs and cats) is significant.